Why invest in CSR when the economy is slow?

Just the other day someone asked me “Why should I invest in CSR when the economy is slow?” The only constant in life is perpetual change. I previously defined that Corporate Social Responsibility is: about responsibility about society in general Responsibility towards your society is a real commitment and a serious engagement. It isnโ€™t aboutContinue Reading

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  1. Adrian Nichol says:

    Hi Zeina

    This looks great. As part of my preparation for the Antarctica project, I think I am going to find your blogs really useful. Keep them coming.


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What is CSR?

I often get asked this question “what is CSR?” “Corporate Social Responsibility” Three words that resonate well. Three very serious, committing words. Three words that everybody uses, but not everybody embraces. Three very serious words that should translate into fulfilling, engaging and meaningful actions.   CSR is about meaningful actions What are meaningful actions? FromContinue Reading

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  1. Mabrouk Zeina! I’m so happy and proud of you. You did it, now the journey truly begins ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rouba says:

    Zeinaaaaa!! So proud of you babe! you are just glowing… that’s how beautiful it is to find yourself!! BRAVOOOOO

  3. Reem says:

    OH…MY…GOD! i am so proud of u…no words can describe how happy i am at this moment! i have always told u how extraordinary i think you are…and now this is jst the beginning…i remembered a quote jst now: When you reach the highest mountain, only then you shall begin to climb” and Babe u are on the right path! i am sooooo happy we r meeting in a few hours!!!!! love you! xxxx

  4. robert swan says:

    Totally brilliant, so impressed and ready to support in any way we can at 2041
    Rob Swan
    Founder 2041

  5. Caroline says:

    Amazing job nanou, i’m so proud of you !
    Love you <3

  6. Chris says:

    Beautiful website, Zen, great job!!! All the best for all your project, you can be proud of you!

  7. Eric says:

    Hi Zeina,
    Well this is a extraordinary journey indeed!

    Hope you all the best,


  8. Virginie says:

    Tout cela semble passionnant; J’aimerai beaucoup รฉchanger avec toi ร  ce sujet… A notre prochaine rencontre!

  9. Claus Frimand says:

    Hi Zeina,
    Good for you – well done.
    Keep on conquering!

  10. Ilona says:

    Zeina: WOW!
    I M SOOO PROUD what you are doing with your life! beijos

  11. Zeina says:

    It is just the beginning of the journey… join me!

  12. Nicole says:

    Amazing, so proud of you sister. We believe in you.

  13. Heather says:

    You are such an inspiration Zeina and I am so happy to be connected with such a strong and incredible woman who walks the walk!

  14. Zeina says:

    Heather… we will have our deck 5 everywhere in the world and surely run the walk together!

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  16. Anonymous says:

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