My Manifesto

  1. I am about bridging gaps, uniting people of different walks of life towards the same goal. A catalyst by nature, a go getter with in my heart the drive to let love rule
  1. I believe help should be extended to anyone and everyone, regardless of nationality, religion or beliefs. No boundaries for a united humanity
  1. We live in a very hopeful world, and there is so much to achieve. Together. As one
  1. It is time to stop using our resources as if they were endless and start thinking about solutions to preserve our environment, our society, our life. The future lies in our present
  1. Women foster hopes and shape the future… I want to give them the tools to believe in their power, their mission, their actions
  1. By acting at grass roots and empowering teenagers, I believe in leading youth towards a future they deserve.  By touching reality with their senses, they realise they have the power to make a difference, to shape their world,
  1. We are actors, not spectators of our life. Lead by example
  1. Feel, touch, hear, smell the reality by being on the ground. Giving back, changing the world doesn’t happen through savant words and polished strategies. It is about getting your hands dirty, your heart squeezy and your eyes watery
  1. We live in a global world but let’s start acting local. By creating little foyers, we will spread the wind of change
  1. It is time we start living our life as a gift, not as a grant.


2 Responses to My Manifesto

  1. Love this Zeina, I think everyone should have one, even they aren’t a business.
    Clear, strong, beautiful.

  2. Zeina says:

    Thank you John. Nothing like having your words out there

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