What they say about me

“Zeina was able to develop a multitude of partnerships with national and international organizations that helped raise awareness and bring funding for several of our projects.

Zeina has charm and charisma and is always eager to contribute and help others in whatever capacity she can, both in her professional and personal life – she believes in making a difference. Simply put, she is inspirational!” Areej Al Naqbi, Strategic planning & Performance Management, Aldar


“ Zeina’s ability to grasp the concepts and in return provide strategies for marketing and communications was outstanding.

Zeina is hardworking and fun to be with and will do whatever it takes to get the multiple tasks done, on time and within her allocated budget. She is pleasure to work with.” Michael Cox, Development Director, ALDAR Properties PJSC


“ Zeina always demonstrated a clear and insightful understanding of the project and how to bring together the people, information and materials required to present and communicate Al Raha Beach in the most suitable manner to the diverse audiences involved.

Although Zeina was under a lot of pressure to fulfil her challenging role, she always made assisting her seem easy through her relaxed, comfortable and confident approach.”Greg Dyson, Senior Urban Design Manager, ALDAR Properties PJSC


cameron“Zeina Abdo is the quintissential model of a 21st century woman: adventurer, mother, humanitarian pioneer, unstoppable one-woman army, and more. (…) she wasn’t just an average person.

In her everyday demeanor she radiates positivity and empathy, and for years has employed these traits in her numerous charitable pursuits and global fundraising expeditions. Cameron Karr, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington – US


“I found Zeina to be an incredibly talented business lady.

She had the ability to understand company goals and marketing messages and ensure that she can accomplish them.” Pat Beyer, President Stryker EMEA, Stryker Company



“Zeina sets high goals for her job assignments and follows through to ensure delivery accordingly.” Oern Stuge, Senior Vice President, Medtronic