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How can I benefit your company?

In so many ways!

From conceptualizing your CSR strategy to implementing a single initiative, let us work towards your success that will help create a better world.

The “Comprehensive CSR” solution

You haven’t ventured yet into the world of Corporate Social Responsibility. Despite the trend of it, you truly see the value in embracing it and integrating it into your company values. Yet, you don’t know where or how to start…

On a consultancy, retainer fee basis, together let us explore what CSR really means to you and what is it to achieve. Combining a sound Marketing-Communications plan, with fundraising and a timeline of execution, I will help you design a 1 to 3 years plan. Covering all angles, you will be left with a plan that even involves the partners to approach.

Timeline: 90 days

Clients: corporations who have not yet stepped in and need to develop a full fledged CSR strategy

Cost: Monthly retainer fee

cameron“Zeina Abdo is the quintessential model of a 21st century woman: adventurer, mother, humanitarian pioneer, unstoppable one-woman army, and more.

In her everyday demeanor she radiates positivity and empathy, and for years has employed these traits in her numerous charitable pursuits and global fundraising expeditions.” Cameron Karr, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington – US

The “CSR in the Arab World” solution

You are an international, global company already active in the field of CSR on other markets and sense the urge to do so in the UAE, Middle East or more

Either by aligning to your existent CSR strategy, or by implementing some aspects of it, I will help you determine and execute what is most relevant to your activity in the selected markets.

Timeline: depending on the actions involved

Clients: multinationals, global companies

Cost: As per the determined timeline US$5,000 to 15,000 per month

The “Single Initiative” solution

You want to leverage a special occasion like a “… World Day” or just test the ground, I will help you determine which initiative and how to conduct it based on your values.

Timeline: Two days to a week

Clients: Companies who want to venture into CSR

Cost: US$2,500 to US$5,000